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Humanism is a general system of thought that believes man's destiny lies within his own power - rather than through waiting for divine intervention and guidance. Initially one would think it athiest and  incompatible with religion  but not so. Some religions are able to tolerate it, some even encourage it. 

Trans-Humanism  is a form of Humanism where technology is used to greatly enhance man's capabilities in essence bringing him closer to a 'post human', godlike state.  

This is a heavy responsibility to bear for those that think they should take it upon themselves to direct man's destiny.  If some humans achieve superior technology and retain control of it as the 'Priests of the Technology' and start deciding what is best for the rest of man we enter a dangerous zone and must rely upon their self monitoring to prevent tyranny. 

The Electoral College in the United States was formed, diluting the principal of democratic representation because the founders of the United States of America felt the masses not smart enough to vote properly. That set a precedent. Will we ever know how far this idea has gone; that the Masses don't know  what is good for them  and need all their important things decided for them.?  A religion  that  began in modern times, that is, the past 200 years is the most humanistic in nature of them all. The Gods were mortal once and Man's destiny is Godhood.  It's symbol, a winged wheel, similar to the Winged Wheel adorning the sculpture supporting the Heavens (ceiling)  in Grand Central Terminal New York City. (Grand Central sculptures Shown in above pictures)

The Winged Disk  is not a sign of Nibiru or a hidden Sun. It is the ultimate in inherited kingships. The mark of the Priest Class from times so ancient we scarcely remember ;

A tradition of a pact made long ago between humans and  those that were their technological superiors. The wheel or globe could be the is the Earth, others have given it wings in exchange for order out of chaos and control of the many through the few. 

 The Winged Disk  was used in ancient Egypt, Sumer, and has been passed down as a legacy to modern times.  Now as the Winged Wheel, it is the symbol under which a state of mind is nurtured where mortals become decision makers and life givers; the Gods, for millions of humans on Earth. 

It sound good to me as long as it benefits all humanity. I hope it does.  Will prayer help?

In the mid nineteenth century questions first arose in relation to the orbits of the Outer Planets such as Neptune and Uranus that suggested a large unseen celestial body affecting their orbits. In addition, the two Voyager spacecraft, sent out of our Solar System in the 1970’s have had perturbations in their trajectory attributed to a possible binary companion star to our Sun or a huge undiscovered planet. Maybe both ? Or, science can always invent ‘Dark Matter’; like a science fiction writer who needs a plot device, why not just invent a huge invisible thing that is all around us messing up our Newtonian physics calculations. 
In the 1980s and 1990s the search was on for ‘Planet-X.’ Some promising science, then silence. No more news on the matter. Officially, orbital questions were resolved by a recalculation, a correction of the mass of Neptune. But there was also some media coverage that something may have been spotted out on the edges of our Solar System. Now, anything en route that might have been spotted then, has had some thirty years to get closer to us. 

The best explanation I have heard of why we have not seen these heavenly bodies yet is the following:
The Sun and planets in our Solar System could be thought of as all being on the surface of a table. with the Sun in the center of the table. The planets, including the Earth all are following their roughly circular orbits around it but staying on the table’s surface and visible to us. This imaginary line formed by the table's surface  is called the ‘Ecliptic.’ Now imagine another star like our Sun but dim and smaller. It is circled by four planets and their moons ranging in size from small to four times the size of Earth.  This entire companion solar system is also orbiting our Sun but not on the plane of the ecliptic; the surface of the table. This other system is on a stretched out elliptical orbit. Because of this stretched out orbit, it spends only a small part of its time near us and our Sun. Most of it’s time is spent traveling to and from the other end of it’s orbit. It takes about 3,600 years to circle our Sun. That means that for 1,800 years it is moving away from us and for 1,800 years moving towards us.  Imagine that instead of it being lined up with the planets we already know and love it is coming up at the Sun from the floor , under the table. The nature of it’s orbit keeps it hidden from our direct observation by the glare of the Sun. The ellipse is very stretched out. For a long time this other system  is a a few tiny dots against the background of stars. The  motion from  the very long ellipse makes it hard to see these objects using  the main method astronomers employ to find dangerous asteroids and comets that  might hit the Earth. They take time exposures with cameras through telescopes looking for streaks or lines of light on the film indicating an object has moved against the background of millions of stars in space. The companion star system does not really show up as the blurred lines scientists are expecting to see that tells them that an project is moving independently against the background of stars. It’s very ellipsoid orbit causes it not show any movement for much of it’s trip. When it’s at the extreme far end of the ellipse and showing more horizontal motion it is so tiny a dot that it is brushed off as insignificant - if even noticed. Did we even have  telescopes 1,800 years ago ? At our end of the ellipse though, , it suddenly changes from a dot growing larger to a dot that is also changing position apparently and moving away from our Sun.
I remember during pilot training, my instructor's words that if you  see a dot in the sky moving left or right it will  probably miss you.  But if it is staying in place and growing larger, it’s directly headed for your plane. So astronomers don’t see this companion Solar System until it’s very close.  Much of its inbound journey it is hidden behind our Sun. Suddenly, it becomes visible, appearing as a growth on the Sun, larger and larger until it reveals itself as a sphere. This is the Brown Dwarf Star making its initial appearance. After emerging from behind the Sun and making itself clear as a distinct body, it appears to be moving away from the Sun. Unless star gazers  know to look for it and are using solar filters or other special equipment, an observer on Earth will still not see anything because of the brilliance of the Sun. Finally it moves far enough away from the fiery ball that is our Sun and becomes visible to the naked eye. We now have two Suns. One, sets and rises as it has for time immemorial. The other, just gets larger and larger. Things start to happen fast  at this point because just like a NASA spacecraft that is intentionally swung around planets to get a gravitational boost, the Dark Star and it’s system get a boost from our Sun’s gravity as they whip around our end of the  elliptical  orbit.
There are  ancient legends of a time when there were two Suns. Some analysts think the second Sun is what we now know as the planet Saturn one of the outer gas giants in our known Solar System. But what if that’s not the case ? What if the Second Sun of lore is actually a second Star that enters the inner Solar System? What could we expect to see? What would happen?
People that are looking for this would be watching the Sun for signs of something ‘erupting’ from it. It would  appear to be exiting the Sun and would then move away from the Sun. I have been observing the Sun and have images of just this occurring around January and February of 2015.  The object will then appear to move sideways away from the Sun very slowly, all the time getting larger as it is approaching. I have images of this taking place in February - March of 2015. Then the object will appear to stand still, again increasing in size. I believe that this period may have just ended in May 2015. Soon  the object will be visible to the naked eye and look like it is moving backwards - back towards the Sun. It will for a few days loom large, apparently next to the Sun. This may produce a ‘Winged Disk Effect’ or a cross or a swastika in the sky  or one of a number of ancient symbols passed down to the current time.  The huge tidal gravitational forces will effect all objects it comes near. After it passes, there is a brownish red ‘debris field’ that is as long as from the Earth to the Sun and back. The website's name comes from the picture formed by this part of the event. 
There is nothing anyone can do about this event. Some may think they can escape by tunneling into the Earth but there will be survivors from the Surface and many lost in their tunnel system ‘premature burials.’   What do I think the government is doing now?
There is no escape on the entire planet. No place to hide. What is approaching will be devastating.  To maintain civil order until the last minute, the skies are being blanketed with chem trails to reduce visibility. Any surviving government may very well be the strongest of a number of 'tribal entities' that one can affiliate with. My suggestion would be to stay loyal to your government and expect some decades of forced work to help with the rebuilding. I would also expect that punishment will be fast and harsh for crimes. There won't be a regular court system. The world will be ruled by fear and preempting the other tribes. Because of the enormity of this event, the ones likely to do best will be those emotionally and spiritually prepared for this event. Many of the images captured on the camera in recent years of cloud sculptures show a figure reading a book. It is not as a warning but as the only possible consolation in this time of tribulation. Whatever your creed or belief system, my guess is that  it includes the ‘Golden Rule’ ; 'Do Unto Others  As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.' and to love thy neighbor. These are the things to internalize. These are the tools to deal with unimaginable catastrophe.                                                                                                                         --------                          

 The Dark Star is the center of an entire small solar system, the  Dark Star a ‘binary companion’ to our Sun. These types of relationships between two or more stars have been found to be quite common in the universe. The entire ‘ Nibiru’ system is in a complex dance with our Sun, returning to the inner Solar System where we are about every 3,600 years. According to the ancient Sumerians, it also brings the Annunuki back to their creation; us.
This visit is fraught with problems though, and this was recorded too by the ancient Sumerians.Weather changes,  Earthquakes, Vulcanism, Tsunami and other side effects of having the huge mass of another star and it’s planets come within hailing distance. 

Open your mind for an adventure and grab the scripture for your religion, be that which it may….
The Judaic/Christian/Islamic religions all look at the Old Testament to explain the beginnings of Man. Many of the stories found are also found in the tens of thousands of Sumerian Tablets which predate the western bible by over a millennium .  Man’s creation is attributed to an invisible power; God,  in the Sumerian tablets, the creators were called the Annanuki.  Some have compared them to the beings mentioned in the bible as the Watchers or ‘Fallen Angels.’ In the biblical creation story, the inexplicable plural form of ‘God' is used. According to Sumerian history, these extraterrestrials created Man as a slave race for them. The Annanuki were from a planet that is in our Solar System but not in the same flat ‘plane’ that our known planets are on. It is one of four planets circling a dark brownish star. The largest planet is Nibiru, some four times greater than the Earth. The star, one third the size of our Sun. 

The ancient Egyptians also knew of this; they called the brown dwarf star “The Destroyer"
The ancient Vedic texts speak of Shiva having to destroy in order for Brahma to re-create. According to this, we are about to end the fourth cycle and begin the fifth.

The Hopi Indians in the American Southwest believe that their ancestors emerged from a hole in the ground to the current world, the Fourth World. According to their legends we are ending the Fourth World in Fire and then will emerge into the Fifth World.

The Mayan prophecies that had everyone worried about 2012 were also based on a similar idea. Could it be a calculation that is off a few years ? Or, perhaps it has already started with the worst yet to come. 
The ‘Mystery Schools’ of ancient Greece and prior certainly had some big secret. Around the beginnings of Christianity, the Cult of Mithras that met in underground caves or temples designed to look like caves by some interpretations hid an incredible secret. The main art work of the cult, a Tauroctony, always consists of a specific scene. It is of a man (Mithras), dagger in hand, about to stab a bull (Taurus) in a specific spot. The man, thought to be representing the Sun by some is said to represent Greek  Perseus by others. Oddly, he  looks not at what he is doing with the knife as one would expect. He is looking up and to his sharp right as if surprised that  something approaches him.   Mithras is the Constellation Perseus wearing his Phrygian Cap of invisibility and  the Bull is the constellation Taurus, the dagger points to  the Pleiades star cluster in Taurus. The point of the dagger is confirmed by the knee of Mithras always pointing to the same place. Why ? Our place of origin ? A place in the heavens for us to maintain a constant watch on ? 

("The Origins of the Mithraic Mysteries" by David Ulansey, Oxford Univ. Press. Chapter Mithras and the Celestial Equator) 
The Judeo-Cristian-Islamic Old Testament prophets such as Isaiah and Ezekiel combined with the New Testament Book of Revelation paint a similar picture of coming tribulations and disaster.

What do we humans know of our origins ? Our recorded history seem to not go back much fourth than six millennia; or six thousand years.
Prior to that, the traditional view is that we were savages living in a manner that was not much more than bare survival. There are the legends though; tales of a ‘Golden Age’ a time when the sciences and the arts were perhaps even more advanced than they are now. Science does not find much though, and what it does find is confusing and contradictory. For example, the earliest civilizations such as Sumerian, in the 'Fertile Crescent'  now in the area of  Iraq, sprang up from nowhere with technology at least as advanced as medieval Europe. Where did they come from?  The  Sumerian civilization is credited with an advanced written language, sciences, rule of law, engineering feats and other achievements that would have taken millennia to develop. Yet this civilization, the ancestor of all current ‘western’  civilizations seems to just appear in the archeological record with no ‘little steps’ or advances from a more primitive society. 
Some ancient traditions such as those of the Hindu religion and  Hopi Indian speak of cycles of creation and destruction. That would make sense; civilization advances, something wipes it out, the survivors pick up the pieces. The survivors still have knowledge of advanced technologies, so their cities appear without all the little progressive improvements from living in primitive huts.
Many cultures all over the Earth suffered mysterious ‘disappearances’ leaving behind towns, villages; in some cases entire cities abandoned for unknown reasons.
Of some legendary places; nothing remains or their exact location is unknown.   Some places such as  Atlantis and  Lemuria have left nothing; even their location remains a well kept secret of the ages.
Occasionally an anomalous item is found. A perfectly squared rock in a layer that proceeds man’s appearance in the fossil record. A fossil of an animal extinct long ago that has a spear point embedded in it. An advanced gear or clock like machine that modeled the planets found embedded in rock. Things that look like modern screws in the middle of a billion year old rock. 

Is Man’s current civilization only the latest - not even the greatest ? Have we risen previously,  conquered space travel and the basic survival things only to be knocked back into the stone age again? Is our condition so brief, civilization so fleeting, that every time Mankind reaches a certain level, that if the ‘Gods’ don’t help us complete our grasp for the stars we don’t stand a chance of making it on our own? 

Maybe this is how it is supposed to be. The gods have created a place with conditions perfect for a race of beings to be created in.  A few variables are changed each time. Perhaps we are sampled and watched. They’ve tried it all... giants, little people, six fingers, an opposable thumb and a single finger, big heads. Oh that one was a mess ! Eighty percent of the females died in childbirth in that  world. After a few thousand years, the ones showing the most promise are taken out of the experiment and allowed to flourish somewhere. Don’t worry about anything less than the best of the lot surviving to make trouble anywhere. The entire laboratory is utterly destroyed each cycle. This is how it has always been - since the beginnings of time.

​The Sumerians were diligent record keepers. Their media of choice being clay tablets.  With a little water, they could be reused. To archive, they were kiln baked. Clay tablets covered with the wedge stylus impressions known as cuneiform writing have been found covering almost every aspect of everyday life - six thousand years ago. In addition to the mundane records of daily existence; contracts, shopping lists, messages  and the like, clay tablets containing the history of the people of Sumer were found. These were first thought to be written legends but once some of their information was confirmed by archaeologists a very different picture of human history began to emerge. 
Briefly put, the Sumerians, the inhabitants of what is now Iraq, believed they were created by extra terrestrials and that there had been prior destructions and re-creations on the Earth. As wild as this may sound, it ties in with many ancient scripture and legends still told today.  The 'original' site that started as a site to sell beautiful photographs of clouds and turned into a  journalistic record of a  re-direction of mankind's destiny.

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