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What To Do ?

​​1. Get information - but don't waste too much time analyzing now, there is limited time.

2. Make a list of critical things that may be difficult or impossible to get done if there is a breakdown in civil authority. These might include

   a. New Eyeglasses

   b. attention to any dental problems and medical issues.

   c. critical medication  supplies
   d. assess: do you have enough of the following ?   You have to act right now. There will be no supplies or deliveries if a situation of anarchy breaks out. 

          Emergency lights

          Home security

          Non-perishable food and water

          A 'go' bag setup for each family member for when any government order to evacuate coastal or other areas is given. 

         Find key documents such as birth certificates, passports,  print out current photos of family members write on the back any key identifying information.  Make a set of photos that you put in all family member phones. 

             If you have kids in school,  make sure you know their personal school ID #.  You may need it to speed up picking them up. 

               Family Communication Plan . 

              Family Assembly Plan in the event of communication failures. 

             A million other things. ...

                    It may come down to taking what's on your back and what you can carry in one or two bags.  Get good winter hard shell jackets that you can use sweater layering under. Make sure you have comfortable shoes. 


The internet is full of info on what might be happening and why. It's confusing; there is a lot of info out there. Realize that the suggested steps taken would be the same for any emergency scenario, so research but don't let that delay you. Take action to protect yourself as outlined above. 

This free website and have a photo based history of events in the New York City Area and are a good source of information.  We also have two books out that have the images that led up to the current situation/ 

For more information, check out Books on Amazon:   "The Return of the Sun; the Second Sun"  and
 "Unusual Photos Taken of the Signs..."

also the website:

 There is a website that is a great source of survival information.

If you have a site that you would like to crosslink. Please contact me at:  or use the contact form below... or both. 

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