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APRIL 2, 2016 

Above is a photo of an RFID chip. There has been some speculation that the technology that is already in use with pets and hi risk kidnap victims may be put into use on a general basis. These chips, now even smaller than shown above next to a grain  of rice, when queried by a scanner, can transmit information such as a personal identity number. The ultimate way to prevent an identity theft?  Some of these chips can also get parameters from the body such as pulse and other information. Why might they be used ? The Nazi's tatooed an iID number on holocaust victims. Most  governments assign some kind of ID number to a person to be used throughout their life.  

I have a novel reason that I will throw out there in light of my observations of evidence of conflict with aliens that  may be able to look just like us.

Perhaps an implanted chip such as above, along with some base parameters from the body it is located in  can provide a certain identification of that individual. Are they native Earthers or Aliens?   

This potential use of these possibly sinister devices may very well be the best practice to prevent Aliens that have mingled with the general population from criminally receiving benefits such as Food Stamps and other Public Assistance.  What are  your thoughts on this ?


The other night I woke at about 5:00am for no apparent reason. Of course I went to look at the NYC skyline before returning to sleep. 

Unbelievable!   The Moon was setting and in a minute would be directly over the Empire State Building. I photographed it with an all-spectrum camera and a regular camera. I was rewarded by seeing the Moon descend through a ring of clouds (huh?) directlty above the NYC landmark building.  Possible or not, I got the photo.  It struck me (pun intended) that the whole composition looked just like a clock striking Midnight. As if we our clock has  'Run out of Time''  or we've hit a time limit. (for escape from NYC?) 

Meanwhile, in the skies are more and more indicators that there is a battle going on. It may be for our hearts and minds. It may also be between some  groups that are much more advanced than us. I am photographing all sorts of flying craft, semi invisible objects on clouds, Large aircraft carrier type ships deploying smaller craft.   Cloud imagery has turned to subjects like a huge 'alien' clutching and crushing a delta type flying craft etc. 

JANUARY 9,  2016

I must say - I've lived a full life. I've explored inside Shipwrecks, I've learned to fly planes. I've rescued people in dangerous situations, I've been rescued myself. I've had great self-conflicts.  I've battled life threatening illnesses. I thought I'd seen it all.... I'm spiritual though not religious. What I have now witnessed is enough to humble the greatest ego. It was Christmas holiday time and I decided to do a video somehow linked to  the history  of Christmas. I love research... You never know where it will take you.  I found Sol Invictus - the Unconquerable Sun.  I decided to view the Sun a few days around the Winter Solstice using www.helioviewer.org.  I found the words "I AM" forming on the face of the Sun watching footage from the NASA SDO Satellite in the Extreme Ultraviolet at 171 angstroms. I looked at it fast. I looked at it slow. I checked it at various other frequencies. I only saw it on frequencies near 171. I then checked the footage from an entirely different satellite. The European Space Agency's PROBA2  Satellite. Yes, it was there too; "I AM" at 174 angstroms. Both satellites were hit by the same solar flare. The ESA one is orbiting the Earth about 735 km. The NASA SDO is much higher up.

I have high definition video footage showing the formation of the phrase, made most famous when Moses asked God for his name in Exodus. "I AM THAT I AM" was the answer.  I leave to the viewer to ponder how the words got onto the Sun's Surface - but the way I look at it, no matter how - it's a harbinger of major change. 

I have not made up or 'photoshopped' the image of the Sun - any processing is mentioned in the captions.  Actually, this could be very frightening. Look to your faith to help you. 

DECEMBER  9, 2015

In 2013, I started studying the skies of New York City. By day there were the clouds and of course the Sun.  I used appropriate filters to protect my eyes and never looked directly at the Sun. 

 I  had noticed that one of the common elements in 'sculpted clouds' were humanoid figures with  sunglasses or goggles on. I've remarked on this since 2013 and have many photos of cloud formations where eye protection seemed to be an integral part of the message.  At night though, I did not use eye protection to observe the Moon.  I now believe that I may have exposed my eyes to a very heavy dose of ultraviolet light when watching the 'Moon.'  

As early as 2013, I began to notice a sudden decrease in vision and was getting new eyeglass prescriptions about twice a year.  Finally,  after three eye doctors diagnosed my vision problems as cataracts, I had my sight restored with IOL implants. 

Look at  the incredible  photograph and  video I have made over the past few years of the 'Moon.' Is that the Moon ?, or something else; a technology alien to what we currently know in our world. I am certain that I saw humanoid figures on the platform that descended. I do not know the distance and therefore  cannot tell their size.  Is this actually the current state of human technology ? It would have to include antigravity and other Sc i-fi technologies. Or  is this an alien culture that perhaps created us, known heretofore as "God?. "  One other possibility comes to mind, also right out of science fiction. Imagine; Time Travel conquered, our own descendents have returned to a critical point in their history to make a change or perhaps to fulfill a prophecy. Let me know what you think: 

SEPTEMBER 19, 2015

God in the Skies of NYC

The impossible is possible. Great things sculpted and crafted in  our skies. See the YouTube videos above.

The first shows the 'Beast of Gotham' forming in the skies above NYC and then blasting out fire from it's huge head. The Second You Tube Video shows the word 'God' that appeared in the skies and  cloud sculptures.

Stay Safe! 


The Greater Light - The Sun; A great  Beast formed from the sunset clouds on the evening of Monday, August 24, 2015. Facing South and miles long above New York City, it opened it's mouth from which erupted enormous flames that licked at the skies above the Empire State Building.  It had a word written across it's forehead. I photographed this terrifying  event  in both Infrared and standard digital. It amazes me that none of this has made the news. The fact that no one is even discussing this impossible to miss event is further evidence of some mass hypnotism; perhaps chemicals in Chemtrails. Why I am immune to this I do not know.  See the photos above. 

The Lesser Light - The Moon;  

Another amazing display of  Biblical level 'Shock and Awe' as the Moon performed all sorts of impossible feats the early morning of August 27, 2015.  What is wrong with all you people? Are you so caught up in your TVs and Entertainment Tonight that you don't notice what is going on around you. 

Nothing is as it seems anymore.  Maybe nothing was the way I thought anyway. Is being able to see all this a blessing or a curse ? There is certainly more than the photographs I show on this website. Oh - and please drive carefully; there's all sorts of stuff flying around out there!

 AUGUST 11, 2015

How all this phenomenon can go unnoticed by the general population is totally incredible to me.  Nobody wants to discuss it really, living in their sheltered cocoons, totally immersed in the lives of other people on the TV and internet. I've had some long debates with myself as to my sanity at this point and have decided that I am to be a witness and that I'm doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.  I wrote the following for the CloudofIron.com website and will repeat it here:

"​Thousands of years ago, the Sumerians of early Mesopotamia; in what we now call 'The Cradle of Civilization' recorded their history on thousands of baked clay tablets. They speak across six millennia of  a cyclical cosmic event that defines the end of one epoch and the beginning of the next.  These warnings are echoed in the Christian Bible and the legends of many cultures such as the Hindu, Mayan, Egyptian and Hopi peoples. Is it time for the 'Destroyer' of ancient Egypt, Hindu's Shiva, or the falling star 'Wormwood'  of the Book of Revelations to wreak cataclysmic destruction  on the Earth?

Modern Astronomers discovered a large celestial object in the 1980's. Planet 'X, inbound to our Solar System, and far away in the 1980's  may be the  same object that the ancient Sumerians knew as 'Nibiru.'  For the past few years there have been great signs in the heavens - ignored by many but there nevertheless.  'The Apocalypse' or 'Revelation', the final book in the Christian New Testament; is often quoted  due to it's extensive references to the 'End Times.' But there was  apocalyptic knowledge earlier, in the 'Old Testament' or Hebrew Bible. The least known of all the "minor prophets" in the Hebrew Bible is Habakkuk who appears in the eighth  book of the section "12 Minor Prophets."

 It was there recorded,  that God  spoke to Habakkuk saying;

"Write the vision - And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it.  For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end, it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it;
Because it will surely come, It will not tarry. " (kjv) It is in that spirit that I have setup this website to 'Write the Vision...' and honestly record the unusual seen in the skies of New York City."

July 30, 2015

As predicted on this website, the Second Sun is getting clearer and clearer each day, particularly visible at sundown. The object is a little further from our Sun each day. We are not far from when it will become visible to the naked eye easily enough without  special filters or equipment. Within the next two weeks expect the media to address this as if it is 'new' news. 

In addition to beautiful imagery, there may be panic and fear and moves by the government to prevent anarchy. Stock up so you can stay off the streets a few  weeks. See our new page on what to do. 

June 13, 2015

A collection of recent photos taken during a heavy storm over New York City and other miscellaneous subjects has been added. Look for items in the photos such as a man with a hat and very apocalyptic images, some as a result of Neon Edge Detection and Color/Contrast  Levels. Some of the photos need to be viewed at a distance to get the effect, particularly the NED processed ones.

​​May 28, 2015

UFOs and clouds shaped as 'Falling Star' shape appears in Skies over Queens, NYC accompanied by amazing aircraft and words in the Sky that  are registered subliminally by our subconscious minds.  Aircraft demonstrating incredible technology take up station, hovering silently  in the skies of NYC. These 'Astercraft' display all the characteristics and invincibility of science fiction technology; Antigravity,  plasma drives and cloud design systems, holographic projectors, invisibility at-will, silence. 

May 26, 2015

Giant Key appears in Skies over New York City.   Key may be reference to scripture Revelations 3:7

​King James Bible
And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth;



NV-Night Vision

NED - Neon Edge Detect  

EQU - Color Equalization

ENL - Enlarged

MANCOL - ManualColored

RETX - Retinex Contrast 

HSV - STR.Hus,Satur.,Value

LEV - ColorLevels

CS - Contrast Stretched

HSL - Hue, Satur, Lightness

INV - Inverted

VINV - Value Inverted

AMAPR - Color Map RGB

AMAPH - Color Map HSL

BW - Desaturate

NO - Normalize

Giant Key Appears in Skies Over New York City   May 26, 2015

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Below are more photos from May, June 2015 including thunderstorm over NYC.

Clockwise from upper left:  Solar Photos, Dual Moons and the descent of the Lunar Platform  and a Theory,  More Moon Lunacy,  Cloud Creating UFO's over NYC,Telescopic images of Chemtrail Sprayers,   Clicking on center image will bring up latest Dual  Sun Sunset Video. 


Sunday  April 10, 2016


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