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Beast over Gotham

The Sun presents the Son up in the skies of Lower Manhattan, New York City August 6, 2015

​Sighting on the Sun; Using Impossible Technology to Project the Improbable.

The Below are actual photos, (larger than the icons, some are infrared, some processed, None, are faked. Wake up my friends... (at least look up!) 

2 Suns Sunset                                             Connecting the Dots....                  Docking Cloud Ship          Sol Invictus  The Unconquerable Sun          The Sun & Dark Star

July 2015                                              Cult of Mithras, Sunset, Logo             Unbelievable!  2013       The Sun has some 'friends.'                            Set over NYC

                                                                                                                                                                                   See them here Jan. 2015                               Jul 23 - 31 2015

Downloadable Gif Movies. These are all short movies using 'gif' technology. They show some aspect of the phenomenons reported on this site and end with info on our books. Feel free to post anywhere 'respectable' and give proper credit to this site. Please do not remove the info on the books.  Thank you    

 To see the GIFs in action, reload this page.          To Download, right-click and select save image. Large files may take time to download.  Rename file as you wish.