I review my original photographs carefully, looking for things out of the ordinary; whether they be in the areas of Science, Art or Religion.  Seeing some of the images  created by the process known as RETINEX, was  moving to me.

Was I seeing God's signature in these photographs ? 

I have familiarity with computers and  am aware of the difficulty - if not impossibility of generating so many images on so many levels out of one photograph .  

I take a static   image of reality at a certain time and place and purely by a mathematical analysis images are found everywhere. Sometimes  even   I I was trying to come up with something that would convey the awe with which I hold this level of 'fractal entanglement.'

I remembered there was a beautiful dialog between Job and God where Job tests God's patience with his temerity after being tested himself, by God. [Job 38:19] 

"Where is the way to  the dwelling of light ? "And darkness, where is it's place..."

Bottom of Page has  the above photos in a format you can look at them Slower.

August 26, 2015 I began experimenting with non-standard Solar Filters. That could be anything that reduces the Sun's brightness allowing the camera to see the area around the Sun.  We would expect to see a lot of empty space. The photos reveal  what I jokingly refer to as all the Universe's  missing 'Dark

Matter.' (maybe, mildly humorous;  if you know about that theory in Physics.)  I  will leave it to the viewer to decide what they are looking at.  The movie "A Few Good Men" made famous the line "You can't handle the truth !"  This section is showing photographs taken of Earth's Sun with nothing added.  Any processing done was to bring out detail and highlight different parts. 

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